Karrie Adamany Pilates



A gentle and fun whole body workout, the classes evolve as your baby grows and your body changes. Prenatal Pilates will help you to strengthen your core muscles and pelvic floor, work on your posture and breathing, and maintain strength and flexibility throughout your pregnancy. 

You will also learn how to incorporate Pilate into your daily life so that you can stay strong and injury-free. Movement promotes circulation, so above all else the class will give you energy and, combined with all of the above, prepare you for labor and delivery. Best of all, you will be a part of a supportive community of other expectant mothers.




After the excitement, anticipation and physical upheaval your body endured during the course of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, you’re surely exhausted and don’t quite feel like yourself. Pilates gave me strength and confidence after the birth of my son, which is why I created this class and have been specializing in postpartum recovery for over 16 years. Whether you are six weeks or one year post baby, you will regain your strength, shape, and have energy to take on the challenges and joys of motherhood. Most importantly, you will feel like your body is yours again

We start small, reigniting your abdominal muscles and strengthening the pelvic floor, along with some breathing and stretching.Then in no time you will boost your booty, streamline the waistline, and start to look like the new you - a strong and able mama. Babies are always welcome in class

Can’t get to the studio? Let me bring Pilates to you. Schedule an appointment after work, when the kids are in school or while the baby naps. I will bring everything necessary to give you the workout you need. Or if you have a small group of moms and want to create your own class, I’m happy to travel to your home or workout space.