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Holiday Wishes

Hello my friends - 

It's that time of year again, when we send holiday greetings to one another, run around and shop, have parties, drink cocktails and wear sparkly things. Well, some of us.

While I am not generally consumed by the Christmas spirit (a fact that makes my mother quite sad), I do think it's important to take a moment during this hectic time to acknowledge and appreciate the people we surround ourselves with and our great gifts. 

Which brings me to your body - it is the only one you'll ever have. Your health is the key element in how you will survive and thrive. So my holiday wish for you is to feel good, move your body, take full breaths, take charge, change, maintain, and to always treat your body like it's the singular and special machine that it is. 

And yes - Pilates!

My weekly group classes are as follows:





Of course you can always have private sessions with me at Zalla Pilates(Greenpoint), The Pilates Room (Chelsea) and in your home. 

Wishing you and your families the best of the best in the New Year.


Karrie Adamany
Saying goodbye and hello.


There are lots of exciting changes happening here in Karrie Adamany Pilates world this summer. So let's get right to it:

You may have heard that Sangha Yoga Shala, the studio where I have been teaching Pre/Postnatal Pilates classes for five years, is closing in mid-July. I've met so many of you and your babies there and I'm sad to leave the space. The good news is that I will continue to teach these classes at the following places beginning Monday, July 17th:

Mondays 1pm: Postnatal Kula Yoga Williamsburg
Tuesdays 1pm: Pre-natal Zalla Pilates Greenpoint
Thursdays 1:30pm: Postnatal Lucent Yoga Greenpoint
Fridays 12pm: Postnatal Kula Yoga Williamsburg
Fridays 1pm: Pre-natal Kula Yoga Williamsburg

Stay tuned for a Wednesday class starting this fall. 

I will also be teaching a special Pre/Postnatal Workshop at Spira Pilates in Carrboro, NC this July 15th. Come on down to beautiful North Carolina - or send your local friends - and explore information and Pilates movements to assist the many physical transitions before and after childbirth. I'll also be available for private sessions and will teach a mat class. Special bonus - it's my birthday weekend so there will be celebrations!

And for those of you interested in taking a "regular" group Pilates class in NYC:

  • Saturday 9am Mat Class at Zalla Pilates
     for an hour of the purest form of Pilates on the Mat.
  • Monday 10am Apparatus Class, also at Zalla Pilates, for those of you with a more leisurely schedule. 

Of course you can always have private sessions with me at Zalla Pilates (Greenpoint), The Pilates Room (Chelsea) and in your home. 

See you soon, 


Great Incentives To Get You Moving!

Hello and Happy New Year!

There's a lot of pressure at the beginning of the year to make changes and adopt new healthy habits. Sometimes it is difficult to get started or to know how to begin again. 

Perhaps you have dropped out of Pilates for a while? For you returning students, I'm offering a discount on your first private session back. Come see how my teaching has evolved over the years and learn something new for $75.

For current or new students, if you buy a package of 10 private sessions this week, I will give you an extra $20 off* as an incentive to get moving/keep moving. 

And if you're interested in group classes, please see my schedule. 

See you soon, 

*Must purchase package by Jan 16th. If you're already working on a package, we can tack this on. No problem!

Exciting News! A Retreat Like No Other

I have organized a spectacular Pilates retreat in Morocco to take place October 9-15, 2016. With our fabulous home base close to Marrakech, we will have the opportunity to explore Moroccan food and culture, do Pilates each morning in a beautiful outdoor tent, take day trips to the Atlas Mountains and to the beach, get to know the city of Marrakech, and have time to sit by our pool and unwind. 

We can accomodate only a very small group so if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible for more information. 

This will be a truly unique experience and I hope that you will join me. 


Good News For Your Lady Parts
Hello Strangers - 
  It's been a while. And I have things to share with you. 
  First, I am happy to announce that I am an ambassador for Elvie, a small exercise tracker for your pelvic floor. Elvie is a simple and elegant device that gives you exercises to do to via an app on your phone. While I am not someone who sells things, I "sell" health and fitness by living it. And although I deliver my message with a sense of breeziness and humor, I do take women's health very seriously. So before I signed on, I had to test Elvie out to see if it delivered on what it had promised.
  After just a few weeks the results were impressive: increased control of pelvic floor muscles, confidence that kegel exercises are being done correctly, and better sex. It's discreet and only takes minutes each day? I approve.
  If you are one of the 1 in 3 women who experience issues with your pelvic floor and would like some help, please contact me for more information. 
  Also on their website, you'll find my post on their blog about starting Pilates as a new mom. 
  Promoting strength from the inside out,