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Out with the old...

If you haven’t switched your closet over from summer to fall/winter clothes yet, it’s probably time. We have certainly had enough rainy Sundays here in New York for me to get it done. But there’s something more you can do while packing summer clothes away and airing out items for fall. It’s one of my favorite words: Purging.

Yes. While packing up your summer items, examine them carefully and ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Did I wear this even once this season?
  2. Does it fit me/flatter my body?
  3. Is it a necessary item or do I have several of these?
  4. Does it need repairs, tailoring or washing/dry cleaning?

Dingy t-shirts turn into really nice cleaning rags. What about shoes that have the wrong kind of heel or are terribly uncomfortable? Gone! And pants that sort of sometimes fit but really don’t look good? They might look better on one of your friends.

Now look at your cold weather clothes and do the same thing. There is no reason to put them in your current rotation if they don’t meet the criteria. And if they need some alterations, put those items aside and get them worked on ASAP.

What can you do with all of those cast-offs that are now in a pile on your floor? Take them to the nearest Salvation Army or Housing Works location. Don’t forget to get a receipt. For items that you wouldn’t thrust upon your worse enemy due to excessive wear or damage, just take a quiet moment to say goodbye and throw away. Do NOT later remove them from the garbage (as I have witnessed some friends do)! If you have some things that are just too nice to donate – you can always try to sell them on ebay.com. Fancy or couture items can do well at places like http://refashioner.com. Or sometimes a Naked Lady Party is what is called for – gather up your friends, all bringing your unwanted items - don’t forget the tasty snacks - and do a swap.

Whatever you decide to do, you will feel better having a cleaned out closet and space for new things that you decide you need. But not too many things. You need fewer clothing items/accesses than you think. Take Ginger from Gilligan's Island as an elegant example. She always looked amazing and she had, like, two outfits.


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