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Hand Jive

Two of the most over-used and under-appreciated parts of our bodies are our hands. Hands and wrists get sore and achy from working on the computer, and especially from texting. I have one client who has what she calls “Kindle hand” from holding her Kindle for long periods of time.

You can treat your hands by getting a manicure, but that’s cosmetic. In my opinion the best part of the manicure is the mini-hand massage. The pressure applied releases tension and gives your hands and wrists the opportunity to stretch out, relax and allows them a break from the repetitive stress motions of typing, texting or working with your hands in any way.

Look, we all know that you’re not going to stop using your technology. So in order to keep your hands and wrists in good working order and pain-free, it’s important to take breaks, stretch, and do some exercises to help maintain freedom of movement and flexibility. This is what you can do to keep that happy hand feeling: 

1. Standing (because you can get up off your butt and away from the computer to do these) with your arms extended in front of you, bring your pointer finger and thumb together, tapping them 5 times. Switch to your middle finger, do the same. Continue through all of your fingers then reverse, still tapping five times each finger. When finished, tap your thumb to the palm of your hand 10 times.

2. Open your fingers as wide as they go while making circles with your wrists. Reverse the circles. Do 5 in each direction. Then close your fists and open wide, stretching your fingers long. Repeat this a few times.

Of course you are keeping your abdominal muscles engaged, shoulders relaxed and are standing up tall while doing these. Of course you are!

A massage therapist once told me that after a long day of work he would place his hands in a bowl of shockingly cold ice water. So I tried it. Although initially unpleasant, it does provide some relief. Except maybe not in the winter. And if nothing else, you can always just shake out your wrists. This is not recommended on public transportation but can otherwise be done anywhere.

And give the texting a rest.