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Are you crooked?

I often see people whose shoulders are completely uneven. My first question is: do you carry your bag on that side? Other potential perpetrators: you rest your phone on that shoulder (aka “phone head”) or you always carry your child on one side. Maybe it's the way you play your guitar. All bad habits!

Whatever the habit is, it’s easy to break and takes just a little bit of thought.

   - Carry your bag/child/etc. on one side and then switch after a while. It may not be convenient or feelnatural but you will be happy you did once you get used to it

- Carry two items, one in each hand, and balance the weight evenly between both sides. This is important when carrying your grocery bags home. Or just ask your teenager to carry them for you

- Goofy as it may seem, if you are at work or home, wear a headset/earphones. It really makes a difference! I wear mine at home and not only does it save me from phone head, but I can multi-task while talking to my mom.

- Go through your bag and make sure you really need to lug all of that stuff around. You probably don’t.


And how about some stretches for those tired and sore shoulders/neck?

1. Stand with your feet about hip distance apart and your body completely relaxed. Then roll your shoulders back then up by your ears and then forward, making circles. Take a deep breath in as your roll the shoulders back and exhale as your bring them forward and down. Do 3-5 circles in each direction, focusing on the breath.

2. Standing up tall again, fix your gaze on something directly in front of you (like your lovely self in a mirror). Looking straight ahead, gently bring your right ear down toward your right shoulder. (Make sure that your shoulder doesn’t move – just your head moves to the shoulder). Hold this position, breathing into the side of your neck that is being stretched for about 5 counts. Slowly bring your head back to center and switch sides. Do 3 to each side, alternating.

** Breathing is the key here to relaxing those muscles and getting the most out of the stretch.

Work out those kinks!


Poor Jimi had his shoulders all hunched up.