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Holiday Madness

It’s that crazy time of year.

It’s the time of year that sample sales tempt me.

It’s the time of year when getting anywhere takes twice as long. And the ever-present and cloying Christmas music hovers in the atmosphere wherever you go.

It’s also a time when I feel mocked by the calendar, as though pages are flying off and slapping me in the face. Between holiday shopping, parties, and travel, time is passing so quickly that we are sprinting to the end of the year without an opportunity to stop to take a breath. The result often makes for a very Grinch-y Karrie.

I thought I was mastering my list of to-dos but I still have no gift for Chester. And my crafty holiday project of making pickles as presents could possibly turn out to be lethal (botulism is a real concern, apparently, and I am told I may have confused some of the instructions) so I turn to my annual cookie-baking day for knocking out some holiday cheer and making tasty gifts for my people.

I started this tradition when Chester was in pre-school as a way to show our appreciation for his teachers. I’d make a different variety each year and the packaging was always equally as important as the array of cookies.

The addition of a hand-me-down Kitchen Aid mixer last year made a huge difference in the production value of the cookies, and saved me from the inevitable meltdown that usually occurred sometime around 6pm when, after 8 hours of measuring, mixing, rolling and decorating I would begin to get weepy from sheer exhaustion. And perhaps a little too much sugar.

It has now turned into a day for friends to stop by, some helping with the cookie assembly line, others just watching and eating, and all appreciating a Sunday afternoon of being social with no time constraints and holiday pressure.

What’s my point? Slow down a little. Even I made time for a festive holiday manicure in between errands. Check your list twice, but don’t forget to throw in a little something for yourself. Like some shiny shoes?

So when I put on my Pilates/advice lady hat it translates to:

-       Take deep breaths and remember that the chaos in controllable and finite.

-       Don’t carry more than you can handle – i.e. be nice to your body when running around town.

-       Indulge in some treats but don’t do it to the point of not being able to fit into your pants (you’ll really regret that in about two weeks).

-       Celebrate the end of a beautiful year and look forward to the gifts that the New Year will bring. And consider what you will give as well.

Wrap a bow around it!



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