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New Year, New Possibilities

Since 2009 my BFF Camille and I have made a short list for us at the end of each year. The list is not so much our resolutions for the year to come, but more like a few well-thought out goals and intentions. We have a few rules for this list. One, the goals have to be attainable (winning the lottery does not count). Two, they can’t be too easy to attain or acquire, such as buying a hammock (that’s a to-do list item, which is a whole different kind of list). And three, the list must contain both personal and professional items so that there is a balance (we can’t be all work and no play). Oh, and they can’t be more than 5 or 6 items long because then it becomes too overwhelming. We create our roadmap and we’re off and ready for the New Year.

Admittedly, there has been some occasional spillover from one year to the next. For instance, I didn’t exactly finish my website by the end of 2011, so it went on my 2012 list and I launched it within months. And maybe someone else didn’t quite quit smoking one year, so that went on her list again the following year. And the year after that. So you see, we are somewhat forgiving.

I keep our lists in my phone so I can check in with mine occasionally, and to remind myself of what we both want to work on. Sometimes I give her a little nudge. We update each other on our progress from time to time. As casual as we keep it, it seems to be working for us and progress is being made.

I would recommend doing this with a friend who will be supportive and encouraging but not preachy. Come up with a solid list together. Someone who knows you really well will be honest with you about your ideas and whether or not they are legit, achievable and right for you. There are no penalties for failure to achieve a certain list item. But there can be many rewards.

Thinking about what I want to achieve this coming year is a bit of a challenge since I kicked butt on my 2012 list. I was considering something like taking a knife skills class (I’ve had some kitchen casualties) but I think I have bigger fish to fry. I’ll just stock up on Band-Aids for now. 

Best of luck coming up with your lists and let me know if you need some suggestions. Also – tell me what you want to see in this space in the upcoming year. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy New Year and here we go!