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a new chapter

Yes, hello!

Just before I left for the Pilates and Cooking Retreat in Spain earlier this month, I took a detour to Portugal. I'm the kind of person who does lots of research before I go somewhere new - surprises can be great - but there is nothing more disappointing to me than going somewhere and having terrible food, or finding out later that you missed something amazing in that place. So off I went with my notes, some art supplies and a rough plan, by myself. I hiked, strolled, surfed, slept, wrote, painted and explored. Simple, really, but transformative for me. 

Yes, I missed Chester. But I was so content to not have to speak to anyone or worry about what a travel companion might want to do or eat for dinner. And that great feeling of autonomy allowed me to conquer some personal challenges, and then be relaxed and prepared for the retreat and to give it my all. The entire trip was thoroughly enjoyable and motivated me in so many ways. I haven't been this happy or productive for quite some time. 

It seems like forever ago when I closed my studio and decided to teach independently. It was really sad to close such a beautiful space where I met so many amazing women, but I soon started to enjoy the freedom of running around from place to place. It allowed me to see more of the city, eat at new places (and food trucks) and stop in at stores to do what I like to call "scouting/shopping," which is really just a term to legitimize any purchase I may make while checking out stores for others. I've also been building up my Pilates practice in Brooklyn which has been a pleasure and has expanded my group of friends in my neighborhood here.  

Which brings me to...welcome to my new chapter. Well, not quite so new, just kind of stalled until now. So expect to find in this space - not so much of the sentimental stuff written above - but more tips, anecdotes, photos, news, etc. on fitness, food, shopping, general wellness and other topics of interest to me. And hopefully you, too. 

I'm here and I'm ready to help you! So contact me and let's get started. Woohoo!