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stop slouching!

When I returned home from my trip (must she go on about that trip again?!) I found a very tall gentleman in my apartment. He had sparkling eyes and a familiar smile but I was startled when I realized it was my Chester, only different. He had, over the course of those two weeks, sprouted up and become taller than I am.

Feeling a little insecure about my height for the first time, I thought about how Pilates can make you taller. It basically boils down to what your mother always told you: "Sit up straight!" or "When you slouch you look like a bum!" Or something like that.

So how can Pilates help with that? Simply put, Pilates teaches alignment and core strength, core strength supports your spine, and with that support comes a sense of height, length, freedom of movement, better posture and general foxiness. You want that.

This is what you should do right now, sitting at your desk, in front of your computer:

Sit a little forward in your chair, so that your back does not touch the back of the chair, with your feet on the ground. Place your hands around your mid section (see photo below). Imagine there is a line going down the center of your torso (opposite your spine). Contract your abdominal muscles, pulling them not just in, but "together" as though you are pulling them toward that center line of your torso. You will feel your abs tighten up and your spine straighten up, creating more space between your hips and ribs. Do this 5 times, holding it for a count of 10 then releasing.

You're strengthening your core as you read this, without really doing much work. And you are sitting up a little straighter, standing a little taller. With that core strength and stellar posture you are ready to face the day, boss your kids around, or look just plain amazing.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, send me an email. I'm happy to help.