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We use them all the time. Perhaps even take them for granted. They are utilitarian, limbs we count on for countless, mundane tasks. But there are two things associated with arms that concern us most: their strength, and how they look.

I can’t tell you how many women I know who won’t wear sleeveless tops because they don’t like the way their arms look. Or how many people dread doing push ups because they just “can’t” do them.

So how do we get rid of that jiggle-y undercarriage and strengthen our arm muscles to show off our pipes? By doing two of my favorite exercises that will pump you up in no time.

1. Dips

Sit on a sturdy, hard chair, one that will not topple over when you are sitting on the edge. Place your hands on the sides of the chair, fingers facing out. Position your legs hip distance apart with your toes pointing straight ahead.

Move your bum to the edge of the chair and lift it up, using your arms. Bending your elbows back (behind you), lower your body down to where your bum is even with your knees (see photo). Push back up.

When you bend to lower your body make sure that you are at all right angles. Keep your chest open and do not allow your shoulders to roll forward. It helps if you can see yourself in a mirror to check your form.  Do 3 sets of 10. Or more, if you are feeling super Popeye. 

You can do these in a variety of places. If you happen to find yourself in an elevator with a handrail, you can do dips here, too!


2. Planks Half Way

Start on your hand and knees, with your wrists lined up directly under your shoulders. Take one foot back at a time, straightening your legs and placing your body into a plank position. Make sure that your body is in a straight line (meaning that from your heels to the top of your head is a flat plane and your rear is not sticking up in the air!).

Keeping your elbows close to your body (hugging your ribs), bend your elbows back to lower your body half way to the floor. Hold that position for 10 counts then push back up to your plank. 

Repeat this 3-5 times. You can take a break in between sets if necessary.

Please note that you will have shapely buff arms if you do this every day! It’s not too late for fabulous summer arms. And you’ll be able to carry your gear to the beach with ease and look hot lifting your glass of rose as you watch the sunset.


(I need a new blogtographer! This guy is notoriously lazy, doesn't take direction, and can't hold still while snapping a shot. Kids...)