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bras are our friends

Summer, especially in New York City, seems to inspire some women to wear the least amount of clothing possible. As a result, I’ve been noticing an abundance of bounce lately as many ladies opt to fly free (read: go braless) in the warmer weather.

There are two possible hazards to this sartorial experiement: one, you don’t have the right breasts for that kind of freedom; and two, with the wrong outfit it can look just plain indecent! I am no prude. I believe we all have a right to bare breasts at the appropriate time. However, just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean it’s time to look all hoochie.

It’s important to remember: bras are our friends. The right bra can give your girls the love and support they need and are entitled to. It can make or break your outfit. It can spice things up when you take your clothes off. You just need the right fit.

With this is mind, I recently stopped by Loehman’s (yes, Loehman’s. I received a birthday discount card and had to see what they had on offer) and what did I unexpectedly find but the perfect strapless bra. Made by Natori, it comes in nude and black and is plain, smooth and fits like a glove. It’s like the Lamborghini of bras in my collection of BMWs, Porsches, SUVs, and yes, even Chevys.

I took my new gear out for a test drive the other night. Although skeptical due to traumatic strapless issues in the past, I wanted to see how it worked. Jumping in the apartment? Check. Walking down the street? Check. Going down subways stairs? Check. And in the restaurant it was fine. I did not once feel the need to hike it up. Score!

In the old days, before the term “back fat” came into our common vernacular and before Bloomingdale’s remodeled the 4th floor Intimate Apparel department, you could go in for a bra fitting from someone’s grandma. The lighting was unflattering and the dressing rooms shabby, but she would measure you, using words like ‘bosoms’ and when you expressed concern about the spillover of a demi-cup she would say, “It’s a blessing, dear.” And you walked out of there with a handful of bras that served your every need – a full service shopping experience for your bust.

So the moral of the story is: always have the appropriate brassieres. Go get a proper fitting. Update your bras once or twice per year. Rotate what you wear, not wearing the same one day after day. Hand wash and line dry to prolong the shelf life (!). If you increase in size, find your big girls a new rig that fits. And if you lose weight or shrink in size, by all means don’t wear a baggy bra. Your girls deserve respect.


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