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fancy feet

Let's talk about shoes.

I am obsessed with brogues - the durable, comfortable, low-heeled shoe, often having decorative perforations and a wing tip. A good shoe. A solid shoe. A practical, reliable shoe, one that will become your go-to shoe on many occasions.

I acquired my first pair when I was 12. They were perfect and brown and a little stiff. Thinking back on it now, my dad probably bought them for me because he thought it was cute that I wanted shoes like his. I was heartbroken when I grew out of them. Ever since I have had some variation of "man shoes," from Doc Martens to Church's. I currently own at least 7 distinctly different pairs.

Summer is a tough time to wear this style - it's hot and sweaty and you want to be cool and maybe even dress a little more girly. I struggle every summer with how to transition them into warmer weather. And then I stumbled upon these beauties (see photo). I had to think long and hard before purchasing white leather shoes.  Would they make my feet look big? Do they look like geriatric comfort shoes? A risky purchase, perhaps. But these are more Jil Sander meets a nurse shoe, and they're made by Adidas Slvr. Cooler than you might expect, they took minimal time to break in and left no foot damage in their wake. They look cute with shorts, great with jeans, and when worn with a white belt you have yourself a Full Cleveland that would send Rodney Dangerfield crying all the way back to the Pro Shop. And I'm betting that they will look even better when they get a little dirty.

If you don't already have a pair of man shoes, perhaps it is best to start safe, with a neutral pair that you can wear with most anything. They may take a few outings to become comfortable but you will end up wearing them forever. Promise.