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Buns, Biscuits, Booty

You may have been thinking I was slacking off over here in Blogland, possibly shirking my responsibilities. In fact, I've been quite busy. Sure, some of that time was spent at the beach. But that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about you and your fitness needs. I was doing research.

Buns. Biscuits. Booty. We sit on them all the time yet we obsess about them. We look at them, compare, criticize, appreciate, admire. Sometimes we even see too much of them - ladies with half their butts hanging out on the street have recently crossed my path. That’s just not ladylike!

However it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of junk in your trunk or if you have a little boy butt. You can still lift and firm it up. The fact is it’s out there for all to see whether or not you cover it up. So don’t be a butt-hider. Make it awesome.

These squats are an easy, quick way to tone and lift your bum. Do them often.


Mini Squats

Stand with your feet hip distance apart (or slightly wider if you feel you need more stability). Engage your abdominal muscles to help keep your balance and to maintain a straight spine. With your arms extended out in front of you (also for balance), bend your knees and sit back as though you are about to sit on a chair. Hold for a moment. On the way up, contract your hamstrings and glutes and actively push yourself up to a standing position. Repeat. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

If this seems too easy for you, you can sit back lower, but don’t let your bum dip deeper than your knees.


Your alignment is key in this exercise. If you have unhappy knees due to injury it is especially important to make sure that when you bend to squat down, your knees do not go forward of your toes. If this is difficult to determine, I recommend doing these squats in front of a mirror, in profile, so that you can be certain that your alignment is correct.

Need inspiration? Check out the beach booty on Cynthia Barboza from the US Olympic Women's Volleyball Team. Wow!


Bottoms up!