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Spring Into Action

It’s Spring. Wait, it’s Summer. But tomorrow it might be wintry again. This time of year can be so confusing when it comes to what to wear (sweater or light jacket), what to eat (nothing very exciting is in season), and whether or not it’s too early to fret about taking your pale skin to the beach in a bathing suit.

Right now it seems everyone is going crazy about exercising and dieting, in order to get a “beach body.” It’s as though you had hunkered down all winter eating French fries dipped in mashed potatoes while watching movies in bed. (I do believe that participating in those acts separately is okay on occasion, but I really don’t condone eating in bed).

So how to get your body ready for wearing fewer clothes and prepared for more outdoor/physical activity? Starting this process can be daunting to do on your own, but the first warm day when you feel the sun on your face and peel off your sweater can sometimes be just the motivation you need. Here is my short list on how to make it happen:

-   Get your bike tuned up now! You’ll get places more quickly, it’s great exercise, and just plain fun to cruise around.

-   Roll out your Pilates mat and give me a Hundred. And then some. A daily practice of anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour will help you to tone up, get energized and feel great about your body. I often give homework to my clients who see me in the studio. The exercises I post on this blog are definitely included in this work, but if you have specific needs or concerns – give me a call!

-   Look at your eating habits. You might just want to tweak a few things – perhaps reduce caffeine intake, and remove alcohol, dairy and sugar from your diet temporarily. Juice cleanses are not for everyone. So if you are afraid of green juice or just feel unprepared to go without actual (chewable) food in your life, you can do a modified detox. First, have a plan. Decide how many days you want to cleanse (2-3 is good for a beginner). Then make a shopping list of the things you are going to consume (liquid and solid). You can prepare (or buy) a couple of juices per day and choose the food that will sustain you yet help you to attain your goal – i.e. clearer skin, more energy, lose weight, etc. If you want more guidance on this, send me an email.

-   Go through your closet and get ready to purge! You know this is my favorite part about the change of seasons. Get rid of what you didn’t wear last year, what has holes, and articles of clothing that gave you buyer’s remorse. (Give those items to your friends). Make sure to wash/dry clean sweaters and jackets that are being put into storage until Fall, and seal them in proper storage containers - no plastic garment bags. Now there is so much more room in your closet for the fun stuff! Yes, once your purge, shopping is entirely permissible and absolutely encouraged.

-   And now for your workout clothes. If you are a runner, it’s a good time to check your shoes to make sure they are still supportive enough for you. If you’ve had them a long time and they’ve seen a lot of miles, it’s time to upgrade. Leggings with holes – out! Workout bras with minimal support – out! Get yourself something that is both comfortable but also makes you look and feel good when you’re working out. You’ll likely hit the studio/gym/road more often when you are feeling foxy.

Taking out the trash –