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Get Up!

When you last tuned in we were learning how to roll down properly, by effectively using your abdominal muscles and not just letting gravity do its thing. Hopefully you’ve been practicing that because once you have rolling down mastered, rolling up will come more easily. And that is our next challenge.

Word to the wise: If you’ve just given birth or have a formidable back injury then you should not be rolling up from a prone position until you have the strength to do so. That’s why we’ve been rolling back.

Rolling Up.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet firmly planted into the ground, keeping your knees and feet together (Why together? You will have more stability, which will assist in getting up).

Raise your arms to the ceiling. Engage your abdominal muscles, lift your head and begin to roll up. Move slowly through the movement. Imagine what your spine looks like and try to remove each bone from the mat as you roll up. When you are sitting up, keep your arms raised and sit up tall, using your strong abs. Revel in your moment of glory. And then prepare to roll down very slowly, with abdominal control, replacing each bone of your spine back into the mat as you go.


Remember back in grade school when we did The President’s Challenge fitness test to see how many sit ups we could do in one minute? https://www.presidentschallenge.org/challenge/physical/activities/curl-ups.shtml

We had someone holding our ankles down while we sat up and went down as quickly as possible, fighting against the clock. Sweet memory, right? Now let it go. That’s not what we’re doing here.

If this is still difficult for you, keep working on rolling down. And if this is relatively easy for you, try to do it starting in a completely prone position, meaning lie flat on the mat with your legs extended long. You can even bend your knees slightly and work into doing it with completely straight legs.

This can be a very challenging and frustrating exercise to learn, so take it slow and be patient. It might take some time but, like all seemingly simple things, it comes with a great sense of fulfillment when accomplished.

Rolling on out -