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Good News For Your Lady Parts

Hello Strangers - 
  It's been a while. And I have things to share with you. 
  First, I am happy to announce that I am an ambassador for Elvie, a small exercise tracker for your pelvic floor. Elvie is a simple and elegant device that gives you exercises to do to via an app on your phone. While I am not someone who sells things, I "sell" health and fitness by living it. And although I deliver my message with a sense of breeziness and humor, I do take women's health very seriously. So before I signed on, I had to test Elvie out to see if it delivered on what it had promised.
  After just a few weeks the results were impressive: increased control of pelvic floor muscles, confidence that kegel exercises are being done correctly, and better sex. It's discreet and only takes minutes each day? I approve.
  If you are one of the 1 in 3 women who experience issues with your pelvic floor and would like some help, please contact me for more information. 
  Also on their website, you'll find my post on their blog about starting Pilates as a new mom. 
  Promoting strength from the inside out,