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Saying goodbye and hello.


There are lots of exciting changes happening here in Karrie Adamany Pilates world this summer. So let's get right to it:

You may have heard that Sangha Yoga Shala, the studio where I have been teaching Pre/Postnatal Pilates classes for five years, is closing in mid-July. I've met so many of you and your babies there and I'm sad to leave the space. The good news is that I will continue to teach these classes at the following places beginning Monday, July 17th:

Mondays 1pm: Postnatal Kula Yoga Williamsburg
Tuesdays 1pm: Pre-natal Zalla Pilates Greenpoint
Thursdays 1:30pm: Postnatal Lucent Yoga Greenpoint
Fridays 12pm: Postnatal Kula Yoga Williamsburg
Fridays 1pm: Pre-natal Kula Yoga Williamsburg

Stay tuned for a Wednesday class starting this fall. 

I will also be teaching a special Pre/Postnatal Workshop at Spira Pilates in Carrboro, NC this July 15th. Come on down to beautiful North Carolina - or send your local friends - and explore information and Pilates movements to assist the many physical transitions before and after childbirth. I'll also be available for private sessions and will teach a mat class. Special bonus - it's my birthday weekend so there will be celebrations!

And for those of you interested in taking a "regular" group Pilates class in NYC:

  • Saturday 9am Mat Class at Zalla Pilates
     for an hour of the purest form of Pilates on the Mat.
  • Monday 10am Apparatus Class, also at Zalla Pilates, for those of you with a more leisurely schedule. 

Of course you can always have private sessions with me at Zalla Pilates (Greenpoint), The Pilates Room (Chelsea) and in your home. 

See you soon,