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Holiday Wishes

Hello my friends - 

It's that time of year again, when we send holiday greetings to one another, run around and shop, have parties, drink cocktails and wear sparkly things. Well, some of us.

While I am not generally consumed by the Christmas spirit (a fact that makes my mother quite sad), I do think it's important to take a moment during this hectic time to acknowledge and appreciate the people we surround ourselves with and our great gifts. 

Which brings me to your body - it is the only one you'll ever have. Your health is the key element in how you will survive and thrive. So my holiday wish for you is to feel good, move your body, take full breaths, take charge, change, maintain, and to always treat your body like it's the singular and special machine that it is. 

And yes - Pilates!

My weekly group classes are as follows:





Of course you can always have private sessions with me at Zalla Pilates(Greenpoint), The Pilates Room (Chelsea) and in your home. 

Wishing you and your families the best of the best in the New Year.


Karrie Adamany